Dear members of St John's Choir!
(this is not a public page, only those with the link can access it).

Here is some information about Holy Week 2016, including rehearsal and service dates, as well as downloadable booklets and sheets.

Program for Holy Week

You can download the sheets of the Easter Mass Setting from here.

Tuesday, March 22  at  7pm:  female choir practice
                               7:30pm: whole choir practice
                                    8pm: Crucifixus chamber choir practice

Wednesday, March 23 at 7pm: Hallelujah practice
                                  7:45pm: regular choir practice

Thursday, March 24 at 5:45 pm: choir practice
                                        7pm: Holy Thursday Mass (Cantor: Bill)

________________________HYMNS FOR HOLY THURSDAY MASS_________________________
Entrance Hymn: Lift High the Cross (GP 444)

Glory:  from the Roman Missal in English  (Worship 206) you can find the sheet here.

Washing of Feet: Ubi Caritas (W702), Love One Another (GP645), Lord, Help Us Walk (W779)

Offertory hymn: Table of Plenty (GP530)

Communion: Christians, Let Us Love One Another (GP646)
                      The Supper of the Lord (GP518)

Transfer of the Blessed Sacrament: Pange Lingua in Latin (Worship 1056), you can find the sheet here.

                                         (9pm: Trumpeter Norbert Lakner arriving at Tulsa airport)

Friday, March 25 at 5:45pm: choir practice
                                7:00pm: Good Friday Service  (Cantor: Nancy)

________________________HYMNS FOR GOOD FRIDAY SERVICE_________________________
Adoration of the Holy Cross:  Crucifixus (chamber choir)
                                               Stabat Mater mvmt1. (Bori and Heather)
                                               Stabat Mater mvmt2. (Bori)
                                                O Sacred Head, Surrounded (GP 367)
                                                Were You There? (GP368)
                                                Jesus, Remember Me (W869)

Communion:                 There is a Balm (GP634)
                                    Give Me, Jesus (GP484)

Saturday, March 26 at 6:30pm: Choir Practice 
                                         8pm: Easter Vigil Mass (Cantor: Bill, trumpet: Norbert)
 two hymns that need focus:   Veni Creator Spiritus in Latin (W543) - download sheet from here
                                                Litany of the Saints (I need to check it with Fr Pratt first)

Sunday, March 27 at 8am: Easter Sunday Mass (Cantor: Wendy, trumpet: Norbert) - choir members are welcome to be present and sing, but no obligation
                                  ?9:15: Hallelujah Practice?   - TBD
                                   9:30: Choir Practice
                                  10:30: Easter Sunday Mass (Cantor: Nancy, trumpet: Norbert) 
                                   - at the mass, after communion: Hallelujah